Cake Shop 2
EleFun Games
Cake Shop 2 is an entertaining time management game. The goal of this small game...
Cake Shop 2 is an entertaining time management game. The goal of this small game is to let you see...
Cooking Academy
Cooking Academy is an interactive game that shows you how to cook delicious dishes in a safe, clean...
...ever dreamed with cooking delicious dishes without ...a student in a cooking school and your teacher...
Nanny Mania
Gogii Games
Nanny Mania is a time management game where you are a nanny. You are in charge of cleaning... be made, like cooking or taking out the...
Cake Mania 2
Jill is back!! A new adventure to come is the result after Jill re-opens the Evan Bakery...
...your experience as a real cook. Cake Mania 2 is the play as Jill a cook that opens a bakery. As...
Family Restaurant
Big Fish Games
Test your cooking skills in the kitchen of your father`s restaurant. The more tasteful and creative the recipes...
Test your cooking skills in the kitchen ...pressure and stress by cooking multiple dishes at the...
Pizza Dude
Team6 game studios
You have to make a lot of money as soon as possible if you don't want to loose the family business, a pizza...
...have to prepare and cook the order. For instance...
Family Farm
Hammerware, s.r.o.
Family Farm is a quite original strategy-simulation game as its action is focused...
...crops, care for livestock, cook meals, feed hens, grow...
Youda Sushi Chef
Youda Sushi Chef is a wonderful time management game in which you are the owner of a sushi restaurant...
Youda Sushi Chef is a wonderful time management game in which you are the owner of a sushi...
Smart Cook
Are you a puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertainment? Lucky you! Get Smart Cook and feed your hunger...
...and engaging games. Smart Cook simple rules, intuitive become a Smart Cook aficionado in no time...
Go-Go Gourmet
Did you ever dream about owing a restaurant? If you did, this is the perfect game for you. The game consists...
...owing a restaurant? Cooking food for your customer ...and start playing… or cooking! The game itself...
Stand O' Food
Shape Games
There are many time management games based on food serving out there. All of these are more or less the same, they only...
Stand O Food 2 is a task management game developed by Shape Games and distributed by Alawar Games...
Lovely Kitchen
GameHouse, Inc.
Lovely Kitchen is a time-management game that takes place in a restaurant. You will have to help Mary, the owner, to run...
...from the Academy of Cooking. Mary will have to ...a menu, take their orders, cook the dishes, serve them...
Hell's Kitchen
This cooking challenging game is for those who really want to know how a fancy and elegant restaurant works. Starting...
...people you loves to cook, will learn how to and cook under pressure. Good challenge...
If you love food, you will get addicted to this game and challenge. Start as a chef and earn enough money to purchase each...
Gourmania is a great game where you will learn to be a chef and you will enjoy satisfying your...
Desperate Housewives
In this game you will find all you want : scandal, secrets, sex and more. It's perfect for a Desperate Housewives...
...episodes. As you cook for your family ...* Mini-activities include cooking, gardening, and playing...
Bounty Bay Online
the time of explorers and pirates. In historically accurate places...
...of legends like James Cook (), Christopher Columbus () and other...
2 Tasty
Maximize Games
2 Tasty is a new innovation of blended hidden-dash game with a spoonful well done romantic story... Libby, a young talented cook. Assist Libby prepare dishe ...your zen of cooking with 2 Tasty!
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
For those who love mysteries and detective stories, Nancy...
For those who love mysteries and detective stories, Nancy Drew series is designed for them. These...
Wurm Online
We offer no character classes, quests or a pre-built environment. Instead, we offer players the opportunity to choose...
...wheat, pumpins and more! - Cook food using a huge range...
Pizza Chef
Zylom Games
“Pizza Chef” is a puzzle game but with some twists which make it kind of different. In fact... into a pizza chef cooking pizza for the impatient ...on which you can cook pizzas. • Customers walk...

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